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Netlink Courier (3,000+ destinations worldwide)

We offer premium services which include courier services, petty errands, messengerial and mail room services, procurement and supplies and logistical facilitation in clearing and forwarding.

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Netlink supplies

Our Products include but not limited to Desktops, printers, laptops, Ipads, security cameras, high speed and stock barcode, scanners and projectors. This also include networking hardware such as server racks, IP Phones, checkpoints switches, routers, trucks, networking cables among others. Our software range includes fixed assets management, inventory management and QuickBooks.

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Inventory Management

At a request we offer inventory management services to our client which includes overseeing, controlling and ordering of products. A business's inventory is one of its major assets and represents, an investment that is tied up until the item is sold or used in the production of an item that is sold. It also costs money to store, track and insure inventory. Inventories that are mismanaged can create significant financial problems for a business, whether the mismanagement results in an inventory glut or an inventory shortage.